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Welcome to EMC Hub

Ethnic Minority Hub (EMC Hub) is a community #halalmarketplace web platform to assist small shops and other businesses to digitize and promote their products online in Hong Kong free of charge as the initial phase of the social enterprise prototype funded by the SIE Fund through BeHub as intermediary.

EMC Hub aims to develop entrepreneurship through self-help community of change-makers collaborating for mutual benefit to enact positive change, collectively developing a local online and on the ground community support #halalmarketplace platform that caters to community needs and stimulate local EM business development through digital transformation to improve market share.

Ready to join our next phase to grow the halal marketplace emchub.hk?

Join us to.exhibit your products in our booth Event Details: https://www.exhibitiongroup.com.hk/exhibitions/lohasexpo2024

  • Date: January 26-28, 2024
  • Venue: The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • Focus: Halal products and services, promoting SMEs

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